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  • How do I Store Maple Syrup?
    Opened bottles of maple syrup should be refrigerated. In some cases maple syrup that has not been properly stored will grow surface mold. This mold can simply be removed by skimming the top of the syrup. Some people prefer to re-heat the syrup in such cases.
  • What is the shelf life of maple syrup?
    Maple syrup is extemely shelf-stable and, therefore, has a long shelf life. Stored properly, it can remain edible for years.
  • Why Did My Maple Syrup Crystalize?
    In rare cases, maple syrup will crystalize if its sugar content is too high (i.e. if it was reduced too much during the boiling process). The syrup is safe to consume and the crystalized sugar is simply rock candy.
  • Returns & Refunds
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